Sour Cherry 750 mL


Sales Tax: Included
Alcohol: 20%



There is a big different between cherries and sour cherry, sour cherry grows in a smaller trees and contains lots of juice and there is a short harvesting time in order to get the premium juice from these trees. Sour Cherries have a tart, very juicy and sweet and sour taste. The quality is affected by the type of soil and the amount of sun that the trees can get. Our sour Cherry juice is brought from North of what used to be old Persia. We carefully extract the pure juice and used this 100% natural juice without any artificial coloring or flavoring to create very amazing liquor which is the one and only in its category.Persian Empire Sour Cherry Liquor is so rich in taste of Sour Cherry which blends in well with the 29% of alcohol content. By having a good knowledge about the nature of each fruit and when, where to harvest these fruits we are able to bring a whole new range of exotic, pleasurable and sophisticated spirits by having them available for consumers that opens a new door to experience and take advantage of our expertise.