Pomegranate Liqueur – 750 mL

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Alcohol: 20%



Pomegranate is native from Persia and treated as an essential fruit for wedding ceremonies during ancient times as a gift of fertility. Every spices of the pomegranate represents its own color and taste.There are also several factors that greatly influenced its rich taste such as where it was cultivated and what type of soil these Pomegranate trees are grown.

People from different part of the globe showed interests since it has amazing taste and characteristic look which made these Pomegranate trees very popular.
That is why in this recent times, everybody is familiar with the benefits of its fruit and there are pomegranate trees already grown in California and Spain. But these fruits grown from other countries have different size, seeds and taste compared to fruits that are produced in Persia.

Persian Empire Pomegranate Liquor has the richest taste of a traditionally grown pomegranate as we have chosen the most ancient source for this plant which is the old Persia. Pure juice or 100% natural juice was extracted and it is used without any artificial flavoring or coloring to create this amazing liquor. The richness in taste of the Persian Empire Pomegranate makes it difficult for the drinkers to detect the 20% of its alcohol content.